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The Ontario Experience


From the shores of Lake Superior and Lake Huron north, Algoma Country’s countless rivers, lakes and streams are filled with trophy fish — And its vast interior is a hunter’s paradise: from birds to big game, Algoma’s got it all.

Quest for Ontario Monster Pike

Wilderness North — Fly-in fishing is always a treat. Especially when it's a 26,000-acre lake full of hungry walleyes and big pike! For this adventure, we boarded a plane in Armstrong Station and headed to Striker's Point Lodge on Whitewater Lake in Ontario's Sunset...

Watson’s Kaby Lodge

Ty Sjodin and niece, Kalie, double up on fish and game at Watson’s Kaby Lodge in Ontario’s Algoma Region, chasing walleyes early in the day, bear by crossbow in the afternoon.

Lodge Eighty Eight

Troy Lindner travels by train to Lodge Eighty Eight in Ontario’s beautiful Algoma region, where he pursues big pike and walleye.

Ritchie Falls Resort: Bear Hunting

The beautiful drive to Ritchie Falls Resort is simply breathtaking, with a scenic four-hour drive north of the US-Canada border crossing at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan into the Algoma Region of Ontario. Because the resort is laid out in such an isolated setting, it’s...

Ritchie Falls Resort

Ty Sjodin travels to Richie Falls Resort in Ontario’s Algoma region where he hunts bear by crossbow and discovers fantastic smallmouth bass fishing to boot!

Mar Mac Lodge, Ontario Canada

Mar Mac Lodge is a unique wilderness lodge is located on Esnagi Lake in Ontario’s Algoma Country.  You can arrive here by float plane via White River Air or by train in White River. For this adventure, we took a plane in and trained out. Each cabin is very spacious...

Agich’s Kaby Kabins

Ty Sjodin visits Agich’s Kaby Kabins in the heart of Ontario’s Algoma region for a “fins and fur” adventure. What he discovers is walleye after walleye and reel rippin’ pike, as well as numerous bears to consider tagging.

Brace Lake Outfitters

Ty Sjodin doubles up on game and fish at Ontario’s Brace Lake Outfitters—walleye and pike by morning, bear hunting in the afternoon.

Top Ontario Bear Hunting Trips

Host Ty Sjodin looks back at what makes a successful bear hunt! Here are the three destinations featured in this episode: If black bear hunting is your passion and you’re looking for a trophy animal, then Brace Lake Outfitters is a must. Kyle is an amazingly...

Bear Hunting at Ritchie Falls Resort

This resort offers hunting opportunities including bear, moose, and small game, as well as fishing packages from the individual to the family.




Watson's Kaby Lodge

Location : Algoma Country

Operates as a fly-in only wilderness resort that offers a wilderness experience  of a lifetime.

Ritchie Falls Resort

Location : Algoma Country

Operates as a fly-in only wilderness resort that offers a wilderness experience  of a lifetime.

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