Ole’s Adventure Resort Fishing

This NEW 2022 episode features some of the incredible fishing available in Ontario’s Superior Country with James Lindner and Jake Wallace visiting Ole’s Adventure Resort, for a multi-species adventure!

“This past year I went on an exploratory fishing trip into the Superior Country of Ontario and was amazed at the quality of smallmouth bass. One of the lakes we sampled was Whitefish Lake southeast of Thunder Bay. We stayed at Oles Adventure Resort on Whitefish Lake for three days the second week of September. They have a nice operation with cabins, a campground for seasonal trailers, boat rental, etc. According to proprietor Ole Edwardson, most people who come to their resort primarily target walleye, perch and pike. Concerning smallmouth bass, he said nobody fishes for them too much. He really got my attention when he casually mentioned that they’ve seen smallies up to 6 pounds.” James Lindner reflecting on this Ontario Experience.

Ole’s is a Northern Ontario Gem on Whitefish Lake has been captivating and attracting anglers generation after generation. Whitefish Lake is located just 35 miles from the US Pigeon River border and a short 50-minute drive from Thunder Bay Ontario. Whitefish Lake is approximately 11.7 square miles and primarily 5 to 22 feet deep. Draining into Lake Superior via the river Arrow its crystal-clear spring-fed water with an abundance of vegetation boasts the perfect condition for Walleye, Northern Pike, and Jumbo Perch.

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