This week we feature Ontario Crossbow Hunting Adventures where we visit three incredible crossbow hunting destinations!

Watson’s Kaby Lodge — The resort provides outstanding service, accommodations, and the opportunity to harvest a prized black bear or moose. They restrict the number of hunters to allow everyone equal opportunity to achieve success in their hunting endeavors. Traditional style fair chase hunts are done along the lakeshore and river tributaries, with each set of hunters or hunting party having a designated hunting area exclusive to them for their hunt. Fully guided one on one moose hunts are set up offering the best options for success with archery equipment. Longbow, recurve, and compound bows as well as crossbows are all legal means of harvesting moose in Ontario. The hunts are conducted for moose with only one group per week to offer the best chance for success.

Ritchie Falls Resort — The resort was first established in the 1950s as an outpost camp for local travelers visiting the area. It then became a logging operation in conjunction with the provincial government. Ritchie Falls Resort later expanded into a hunting and fishing camp. Today, it’s a fully accommodating resort offering hunting opportunities including bear, moose, and small game, as well as fishing packages from the individual to the family.

Belle Chasse Outfitters — “Belle Chasse Outfitters is one of the most amazing bear hunting destinations in Ontario, and owners Mark and Hartley’s ultimate goal is to be able to watch their client’s hopes and dreams come true. Belle Chasse has one of the largest black bear management areas in Northern Ontario. Mark and Hartley properly manage over 90 bear sites within that BMA, so you’re guaranteed to be the only hunter on your hunting site for that season and have multiple bear opportunities. Belle Chasse offer fully guided and semi-guided hunts to suit whatever your hunting needs may be. The guide does all the baiting, drops you off and picks you up from your stand or blind. The most important goal at Belle Chasse Outfitters is giving their guests the best opportunity to have a bear hunt of a lifetime!”

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